Sunday, 22 June 2014


What is it about the summer that makes us all want to escape the country? It seems that everyone I know is embarking on adventures or holidays at the moment and I have no immediate plans to leave the country and it's killing me.

I know I went to Barcelona a month ago, but with everybody around me embarking overseas I am dying for a week in the sun to relax and forget about everything. If anything, Barcelona was the catalyst for that. Seeing another destination and new place, just makes me want to explore even more of the world. I want to walk the city streets, drink great coffee and eat gelato.

There is so much of the world to see and sometimes I feel as if there is never going to be enough time and money in my life to see it. From European cities, to American states to the other side of the world in Australia - I just want to see all of the world.

I have a mental list in my head of all these places I want to see and I just want to tick them all off. I am so so jealous of travel writers who get paid to experience and write about destinations all over the world! That would be my dream job.

I'm forever searching for cheap flights and hotels and seeing where I can travel within my means, or planning to save up so I can visit somewhere further afield. But with no plans at the moment and limited spare money after my bills are paid off, it means that any trip will probably be a while away.

Like I said in my Lonely post, it's hard to find people to do stuff with and finding someone that can go away for a week is even harder. I envy these people that can go away at a moments notice and experience amazing things. I feel like my social media feeds are full of people embarking on amazing adventures and I'm stuck in Blighty and unsure how I'm going to use my holiday up at work.

I want it all, I want to explore the world, I want to see every part of a city, I want to laze on a beautiful beach or by the pool as I soak up the rays and get a tan. I want to wear the holiday wardrobe I've built up for no real reason. Wear one of the ten bikinis I own and buy more. Take pictures and document my adventure. Eat amazing food and meet interesting people.

I hope one day that I can see all the places I want to see. One day I hope to be earning loads of money and have the money to do those things. I dream of winning the lottery and having 95 million and just exploring the world in amazing hotels and just living as a wanderer.

But for now, I guess I have to deal with what I can get. Live in my head or make plans to slowly save and tick places off one by one. It's frustrating...

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