Sunday, 24 July 2011

Tears dry on their own.

I'm sitting here listening to Amy Winehouse, and it still hasn't really sunk in that Amy's gone. When I heard the news of Amy's death yesterday, it stopped me in my tracks. A true musical legend of my generation, I've followed her career since the Brits praised her for Frank back in 2003.

It seems so unfair that we have lost so many fantastic pop culture icons because of drugs and alcohol. What is it about these substances that entice people into throwing their lives away? Back to Black pushed Amy into the public eye, and sold millions. It's a perfect, timeless album, that I could listen to again over and over again. There is so much soul, hurt and emotion on that album, that we believe every word Amy sings. She put on a hard front, but those lyrics could only come from true vulnerability.

As we watched her fall into that spiral of drugs and alcohol, lost and confused on newspaper pages, stumbling and mumbling through performances, we willed her to take control and recover. She never really did, and I believe the 'right' people around her tried to save her, but it was Amy's decision and in the end, her final one was her last.

We'll never really know what was going through her mind yesterday. I just hope the negative influencers in her life, that introduced her to that world, know what they did.

In some respect, we always suspected it would end like this, but never hoped it would. I never knew her, but through her lyrics I felt like in some way I did. Listen to her music and keep it alive, and show Amy respect. No matter what your opinion on Amy, someone still died, a family is grieving.

Goodbye Amy. I hope you found the peace you needed.

We only said goodbye with words...