Sunday, 24 March 2013

Beer pong, cake fights and a caravan - A day with CVUK

I've just found out I can blog from an app, so excuse any mistakes. This may have to do until I can afford a new laptop as my dell is on its last legs.

Yesterday I spent the day with California Vintage UK and 14 girls in a caravan in the countryside. And it was one of the most enjoyable days I've ever had.

We were filming a video promo for spring and took our pick out of CVUK's fabulous collection of vintage apparel all the way from California before heading to a caravan to have an American themed party.

Within possibly the coolest interior of a caravan I have ever seen was a table of all the sweetest treats you could ever desire - including a two tiered green and pink pastel coloured cake, brownies, cookies and candy apples (Which are chocolate. covered apples in the US - who knew?) .

We began by playing beer pong - which despite 3 years of Uni, I have never played. We even had the authentic American red solo cups. Who knew that beer pong was my hidden sporting ability?! A game that possesses short distance throwing ability and alcohol - Americans have the best ideas.

We had the ability to be as creative as we wanted - we drew over the ceiling with chalk, tried on hats and stuffed our faces with food. As we all enjoyed a slice of the cake, icing was smushed into girls faces, cake was thrown and chaos ensued.

The shoot was like a day long party where we got to drink beer, dress in vintage finery and dance to amazing music. At one point we were dancing so hard that the caravan was rocking violently, bottles were falling over and chalk dust was falling off the ceiling. It was good old fashioned fun and I could of stayed there forever.

The team behind California Vintage are among the most creative I have ever met. They're fresh, exciting and bring a new approach to vintage that my area hasn't seen. I love their collection of clothes and have already bought a few items. Look them up on Facebook and Instagram because they're destined for big things.

I'll repost the promo when it's done and I also want to interview them for the blog - but first I want it all made over and pretty.