Monday, 5 September 2011

And now, the end is near.

Tomorrow I graduate university, and it feels too soon.

I don't want to be officially pushed out into the real world, it's scary. For seventeen years of my life, I've had an educational establishment to fall back on every September. To look forward and plan for, with a routine and a set path. I knew where I was going! I wanted to be a journalist, I had since I started high school and now I've got the qualifications and experience to do it, it's just getting there.

University was always sold as 'the best years of your life', and in some ways it was. The freedom was euphoric. We drank, we danced, we had silly inside jokes and stayed up til the small hours. In fact, while I think about it now, so much happened in those three quick years and I have so many memories to take with me. Some of the adventures I had, people I met and lessons I learnt were important parts of my time there.

I had the best of times, and I had the worst of times. I made friends, I lost friends. And maybe I was never quite fully understood, and things didn't end as I hoped but it's over now and it's the way it goes.

To think that tomorrow I will be in graduation gown and cap, with a crowd of people I shared those memories with, in the city I lived them, for possibly the last ever time is surreal, sad and scary. I've worked so hard, and it all comes down to this. I can be proud of myself and know...

I did it my way.

Goodbye class of 2011.