Sunday, 2 November 2014

REVIEW: Not That Kind of Girl - A Young Woman Tells You What She's 'Learned'

I have finished Lena Dunham's 265 page book in under two days, gripped by its honesty, humour and hurt. Since receiving my book on Friday evening when I saw Lena talk, I have barely shut up about her online and I'm fairly certain everybody is sick of me praising her. But I wanted to review the book when it was fresh in my mind and when my Lena hype was still at its maximum.

Ever since it was announced that Lena was writing a book, I have been excited to read it. As a fan of all her work, I was interested to see what she would write about and see another side of her writing. Not That Kind of Girl is a book of autobiographical essays, charting experiences in her life. The book isn't chronological and skips through different parts of her life through the different sections - Love and Sex, Body, Friendship, Work and Big Picture.

Although Lena has led somewhat of a more privileged life, raised by two artists in New York and has had her own set of psychological problems - I relate to so much of what she said. It doesn't matter what lot you have in life, we can all experience the same anxieties and insecurities.

I found myself nodding and agreeing to her admissions of feelings towards sex, love, health, parental relationships, friendships and work ethic. I had always related to her work and I related to her real life thoughts and experiences just as much.

Me and Lena have had a similar penchant for falling for jerks, making terrible ill-thought out mistakes and being somewhat self-obsessed but also hugely self-conscious. It's a relief not to have to read about someones perfect life and experiences and instead find out you're not alone and somebody completely inspiring can have their own flaws, imperfections and deep anxieties. It gives me the inspiration to achieve my own dreams and write the truth no matter how flawed because the world needs to hear it, it needs to understand you don't have to be perfect to achieve and be worthwhile.

There are quotes within this book that I will keep with me and will look back on and repeat and quote to others. Lena is an inspiring woman and I admire her more than ever following this past weekend. I implore you all to read this book.

I understand people have their own reservations about Lena, be it her unapologetic honesty, her so-called 'privilege' or the idiotic comments and views of republicans who retweeted my last blog - but do you research, read the truth, understand her true beliefs and intentions and educate yourselves rather than jumping to conclusions.

I will treasure this book forever and look forward to seeing what Lena's incredible writing and creativity brings out next.

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