Saturday, 4 October 2014

Life in Your Early Twenties vs Life in Your Mid Twenties

When you're in your teens, it never really seems as if life would change much between your early twenties to mid twenties but in reality - you might do more growing than you think. Your twenties are when you do some of the most growing you ever will, and maturity might reap it's ugly head sooner than you think.

1. Going Out Every Weekend vs Rarely Going Out At All

In your early twenties, almost every weekend is filled with plans with your friends to hit the town and get extremely drunk in the process. However, once full time jobs get in the way, you're grateful of any rest you can get and making plans just to see your friends at all is hard enough, let alone plan a night out everybody can do. Soon you learn to appreciate the sweet relief of a night on the sofa with a glass of wine or a mug of tea and a nice early night. Before you know it, it's been months since your last night out and you're wondering what happened to any form of social life. Then, when you do go out - you're lucky to make it past 1am.

2. Super Noodles vs A Home Cooked Round Meal

If you were a student or even just a growing adult looking to fill your stomach, convenience was everything and you were happy to stuff your face as long as it was quick and easy. Cue a diet of super noodles, pasta or frozen food. Of course this is still prevalent in your mid twenties, but you've learnt to appreciate the value of a square meal and have a few home cooked meals in your arsenal to pull out on a lazy sunday or when you can't blag an invite to a family roast dinner.

3. Spending All Your Money vs Trying to Form Some Kind of Budget

This is one I'm still struggling with as I can't budget for toffee, but compared to the days when you would spend all your money on drinking, fast food and clothes - you've acquired a few more responsibilities and have to account for those with your monthly wage such a rent, food and bills. Unlike in your early twenties, it soon becomes rather tiresome and humiliating to run to your parents for money every time.

4. Buying Budget vs Learning You Get What You Pay For

As much as you love a good supermarket value bargain or a quick dash in Primark, as you reach your mid twenties you begin to learn that sometimes you get what you pay for. That perhaps, sometimes it pays to spend a little more on staple pieces such as jeans and trousers because they last longer. That high-end make up might just be worth it and that you really can taste the difference when you spend a bit more on food and drink. No more boxed wine for you.

5. Ignoring Your Health vs Caring About Your Health

Previously you'd either ignore or try and sleep off any illness but now you've discovered the wonder of pharmaceuticals and the difference between a cold and flu. Cold - you need to drag yourself to work. Flu - you literally would have to drag yourself to work because your energy has vanished and you can't remember feeling this bad. Or the difference between a hangover and food poisoning. Hangover - cured with food. Food poisoning - literally no food will stay down. You begin to appreciate your health a lot more and actually go the doctors if you spot symptoms - well if you can get an appointment around work that is. This also transfers to your diet and lifestyle too. Soon you get a nagging guilt if you eat coco pops, chocolate or a big pizza too many times in a week and instead you actually WANT to eat vegetables. You debate the merits of dairy and carbs and you actually get a gym pass and TRY and go.

6. Giving People a Chance vs Looking After No.1

You used to give people or significant others a few chances, but after a few years of putting up with other people's rubbish you soon realise there's only so many chances you can give and that sometimes people aren't worth your time. Be it friends or dates - your mid twenties are when the cull begins.

7. A Level Playing Field vs Marriage and Babies

By your mid twenties, you actually know people who are getting married, having babies and buying property. Suddenly everyone is very grown up and you're conscious of growing up yourself and just how impending your thirties really are.

8. A Late Night vs An Early Night

Before you'd be up until the early hours, either drinking with friends or wasting time on the internet - sometimes until it started getting light. Now you can't get enough of sleep and appreciate nothing more than being in bed by 10am. In fact - it's a luxury - as is at least eight hours sleep.

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