Wednesday, 13 November 2013

It's Hard Out Here for a Bitch

So my long time girl hero, Lily Allen, has finally emerged from her break from music after having two babies and she's as feisty and amazing as ever. I just watched her video and felt compelled to run to my blog and talk about how she still champions feminism and healthy body image and I love her for it. 

About 7 years ago, I wrote about how I admired Lily Allen because she challenged the norms of what a female pop star was and what they sang about. Lily has always been down to earth, outspoken and represented normal women. Now she's come back when it's needed more than ever.

For a while, Lily paved the way for people like herself to come out of the woodwork but then all of a sudden, pop became a very dark place again and women were strutting around in their knickers and calling it feminism. Now I'm all for feeling empowered, showing what you want of your body without prejudice and being able to wear as much or as little clothes as you want without being harassed or abused but when these bone thin girls are wearing high cut knickers and crop tops and twerking - who are they really doing it for? Either way they're getting a reaction and that's all pop seems to have turned into of late. A challenge to one up each other over who can be more shocking. 

Now I'm sure Lily's song and video will create their own controversies over swearing and imagery but to have a well known face like Lily singing about feminism is filling me with joy like you won't believe. She's not the first and she won't be the last, but what she's singing rings so true right now and I'm glad somebody has the tits to say it.

Because as much as people think feminism is an outdated concept and that 'We've got it better than ever', we are far from winning the fight for equality. I still on a daily basis hear sexist comments and women being constantly objectified over how pretty and sexy they are. Obviously we're all going to admire how someone looks, but when it's all that matters, what's gone wrong here? We were born with brains, don't they count? I'm just sick of how image based the world is. Every time I see a supermodel, a pop star or girl group or an actress - I'm made to feel I'll never match up.  

Women still aren't paid equally and don't get the same opportunities as men in some careers. It's still hard for a women to make it out there and break the glass ceiling - couple this with the possibility of starting a family as well and women are still fighting to be heard and prove themselves.

I think in a post Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus world, women have got to shout louder than ever to be heard and prove themselves. I'm so glad Lily has come back to fight the good fight and inspire women again because I was starting to think we'd lost our way in the mainstream. 


  1. I agree, Lilly Allen has a very strong message with this song (and video), and it is sad that a large element of females in mainstream music (and media in general) are objectified- I understand that these women are role models, and a lot of teenage girls grow up emulating them, and that a lot of boys grow up thinking that it's okay to see women this way and to treat them in this way. This is wrong, and there needs to be an encouragement for an impression of female singers as artists, and not as sex objects.

    But what about beyond? What are your views on feminism in the context of our society at large? Do you believe in the existence of the patriarchy? And what about inequality against men?

  2. Apologies Dan, I've only just seen this comment. If you look back at my past blogs you'll see my views on feminism in society. My view and belief system of feminism is equality for both sexes. I agree that like with women, there are also inequalities for men and they can often be pre-judged and treated unfairly and there is often not much light shed on that subject.

    I believe there is still some existence of patriarchy within our society, which is why it is important for women and men to fight against long standing opinions.