Saturday, 21 February 2009

Put some clothes on!

I have just watched 'The Saturdays' new video for 'Just can't get enough'. While this is for charity and is a relatively catchy cover, I couldn't help but feel appalled at the scantily clad girls. Why is it, that girl groups feel the need to strip off in their videos to sell records? It deeply saddens me that, in what are supposed to be modern times, women are still sex objects.

Shouldn't we be listening to their music, rather than looking at their bodies? Not only does this completely undermine women everywhere, but it does no good for their self esteem. This music is mainly purchased by young teenage girls, what are we teaching them by bombarding them with images of 'perfect' women with 'perfect' bodies?

Girl groups today are Barbie dolls, straight off the manufacturing line. Not a hair out of place, no fat on their body and fawned over by men everywhere. Women want to be them, and men want to be with them. What do these videos teach young girls or any vulnerable young woman? That we should be flashing our bodies to stand any chance of a date? That the girl next door, with the curvy figure and high street clothes who gets bad hair days, should change herself into a sex object, to stand any chance of being noticed?

Do we really live in a society, in which, it is acceptable for girl groups to sell their bodies in order to sell records? Surely by now, the pop industry should know better. The music industry has recently been overrun with female solo singers that are everyday women. Lily Allen, Adele, Kate Nash and Florence and the machine to name a few. These women are talented, but don't compromise their dignity to sell their music.

The Spice Girls took over the nineties with their message of 'Girl Power', they were normal women, from normal backgrounds who weren't afraid to be themselves. Whatever happened to this mantra? Are we destined to be subjected to more and more racy music videos from girl groups, where looks are more important than talent?

If so, its a sad future for women in pop. Its a sad future for women everywhere. Will we ever be 'perfect' enough?

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